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W. C. Privy's Original Bathroom Companion

St. Martin's Press

W. C. Privy's Original Bathroom Companion Overview

Here you sit, brokenhearted ...with nothing to read but the writing on the wallpaper? Don't get flushed with despair! W. C. Privy's Original Bathroom Companion is a book that's good for your heart – the more you read, the better you'll feel. Designed to make a porcelain throne into a seat of higher learning, it’s guaranteed to make a big splash with you, your friends, and your family. You want trivia, brain-teasers, facts, stories, or instructions on how to build an igloo? Then don't just stand there looking distressed – sit down and go with the guy whose name has become synonymous with the best in restroom reading: W. C. Privy!

W. C. Privy's Original Bathroom Companion Table Of Content

Pop Culture History
Monopoly 15
A Hallmark Moment 39
How Bic Got Its Ball Rolling 65
Muzak Elevates Music 103
Gillette's Razor 139
Corporate Logos 183
Vroom!: Harleys 187
Hawaiian Shirts 264
Gatorade: No Sweat 297
Blue Jeans: Miner Fashion 325
Marlboro Man's Sex Change 407
Mystical Origin of Gumby 429
Silly Putty Bounces Back 437
Cool Lunchboxes 439
Ant Farms 463
Odd Lots of Trivia
Potty Pourri 18
Potty Pourri 2 54
Potty Pourri 3 94
Potty Pourri 4 106
Potty Pourri 5 128
Potty Pourri 6 210
Potty Pourri 7 232
Potty Pourri 8 320
Potty Pourri 9 329
Potty Pourri 10 400
Potty Pourri 11 436
All You Ever Wanted to Know
Juicy Tales About Fruit 19
There Goes the Neighborhood! 35
Deskware 68
The Five Senses 217
How Lloyd's of London Got Out of Coffee & into Hot Water 239
Corporate America Speaks 283
Famous Awards and Prizes 285
Obscure Careers 290
Time Capsules 385
Month To Month 387
Drive a Tour Guide Crazy 401
Obscure Careers 2 432
Obscure Careers 3 458
Tales about Automobiles 469
Emergency TP Stash 479
Aesop's Fables
Aesop's Odds & Ends 23
Aesop's Creepy Tales 99
Aesop's Fabled Humans 199
Aesop's Tales of Gods 207
Aesop's Shell Games 223
Aesop's Fox Tales 321
Aesop's Frog Tales 397
Who Was Aesop? 399
Short Fiction
Characters Between Chapters 31
"The Last Leaf" 121
Tom Sawyer's Whitewash 175
"The Stalled Ox" 233
"The Open Window" 261
Mad Tea Party: An Alice Tale 299
Fables by R.L. Stevenson 337
Fables by R.L. Stevenson 2 413
"The War Prayer" 423
"Wicked Jim" 449
Stately Knowledge
Why We Love Alabama 25
Why We Love Colorado 107
Why We Love Rhode Island 203
"Don't Miss" Tourist Sites 205
Why We Love Maryland 215
Why We Love Texas 225
Why We Love Wisconsin 317
Pop Quizzes
Slogo Quiz--Easy 27
Little Latin Quiz 1 42
Nom De Plumes 47
Home Sweet Home 53
We've Got Your Number 88
Slogo Quiz--Medium 181
Names In Common 284
Slogo Quiz--Hard 307
We've Got Your Number 2 382
Little Latin Quiz 2 391
A Little Yiddish Quiz 411
A Little Yiddish Quiz 2 412
We've Got Your Number 3 448
A Little Yiddish Quiz 3 466
Rural Humor
Uncle Josh at the Opera 29
Uncle Josh & the Liar's Club 113
Uncle Josh Plays Golf 309
Uncle Josh at Coney Island 369
Uncle Josh in Wall Street 395
Uncle Josh Rides a Bicycle 467
Life Lessons
How To Milk a Cow 170
How To Build an Igloo 171
How To Change Your Looks 191
Cricket Thermometer 259
How To Charm a Snake 351
How To Whittle a Chain 383
Dental Telepathy Magic Trick 433
"Fish Eyes!"--Diner Lingo 61
Foodonyms 102
Margarine 151
A Toast to Toasters 167
Hot & Culinary 185
Foodonyms 2 231
"Little Worms" & Pasta 237
How Popsicle Got on the Stick 277
Tricks for the Dinner Table 279
How Lifesaver Got Its Hole 331
Toaster Foods 357
More Beer! 390
Foodonyms 3 428
How To Do a Wine Tasting 442
Sweet Tales of Candy Hearts 455
Borrowed from the French 34
Borrowed from the Dutch 126
Things Sound Smart in Latin 179
I Curse Thee! 198
Borrowed from the Africans 238
I Curse Thee, Too! 295
Borrowed from the Spanish 319
Cowboy Words 341
Most Popular Names 371
To the Wayback Machine!
Faces of History 43
Presidential Trivia 85
1776 Terrorism 158
Cruel & Usual Punishment 163
Secrets of 1776 273
Presidential Trivia II 313
I Was at the Boston Tea Party 365
I Saw Lincoln Assassinated 377
Art Depreciation
Mona Lisa 48
Van Gogh's Self Portrait 101
Back to Greenwich Village 125
Washington Crosses Delaware 222
Tosca: A Cursed Opera? 265
Whistler's Mother 342
American Gothic 422
"Mr. Dullard": Albert Einstein 49
Your Child, a Musical Genius? 79
Her Life: Calamity Jane 89
Marilyn Monroe 373
How Short Was Napoleon? 446
Family Feuds
Franklin's Son: States' Enemy 55
Gallo's Wrathful Grapes 245
Kellogg's Cereal Wars 417
Escape Artist
Getting Out from Quicksand 64
Escape an Alligator Attack 76
Avoid a Tiger Attack 144
How to Escape a Bear 457
Religion & Occult
Ouija Boards 115
Strange Bible Tales 133
Cosmic Pekoe: Tea Reading 227
More Strange Bible Tales 249
Winging In Ange Rankings 272
Forbidden Bible Tales 353
Edward Lear Limericks 147
Quotes from Tobacco Industry 159
Elephant Jokes! 197
The Eyes Have It 221
Edward Lear Limericks 2 255
Knock-Knock Jokes! 312
The Eyes Have It 2 330
Edward Lear Limericks 3 343
The Devil's Dictionary
A 111
E 154
K-L 276
P 372
T-Z 454
Potty Talk
Read the Writing on the Stall 69
Pot Shots! 186
After You Flush 267
Pot Shots! 2 294
Pot Shots! 3 384
Bathrooms Through History 427
The Best Medicine
Confusion About Transfusion 73
Folk Remedies for Warts 129
Folk Remedies for Baldness 137
Folk Remedies for Insanity 243
Doctors Killed Washington 291
Doctor Riots 393
Nothing but the Tooth 435
The Incubator Babies 443
Ben Franklin's Advice on Taking an Older Mistress 77
Advice from the Famous 80
Education: A Word to the Wise 84
Things to Never, Ever Do 180
Advice from the Famous 2 196
Business Advice 392
Ben Franklin: Flatulence 459
Inventing Favorite Sports 81
Nike's Empty Soles 211
Inventing Favorite Sports 2 303
Animals & Nature
Man's Best Friend 95
Cat-Hating Ailurophobes 109
Flornithology 1: How to Tell The Birds from the Flowers 127
Myth of Lemming Suicide 145
One Hump or 2?: Camels 155
Penguin Love 161
Flornithology 2 248
Pocketful of Kangaroo Facts 253
Bugs! 347
Flornithology 3 352
Ducks in the News 363
Cat-Loving Ailurophiles 405
Flornithology 4 416
History of the Cat 453
Hog Wild 473
Barrymorisms: John 112
He Said/She Said 131
H. L. Menken vs. the World 260
Barrymorisms: Ethel 296
He Said/She Said 2 335
H. L. Menken 2 362
H. L. Menken 3 447
Barrymorisms: Drew 462

W. C. Privy's Original Bathroom Companion Editorial Reviews

Library Journal

Editors Barrett and Mingo write a daily trivia column for the Minneapolis Star Tribune and have penned over 20 books, all of which incorporate humor and trivia. Their newest title promises humor, and it delivers. It also delivers fascinating (if not immediately useful) trivia tidbits (e.g., sayings of and facts about the rich and famous); short, entertaining historical articles; sidebars full of great quotes; and more. Although much of the material included has never been published before, some of it has been pulled from the duo's previous collaborations. This title faces its stiffest competition from the extensive "Bathroom Reader" series of Uncle John titles, which is similar in design, format, and even content. Some of the Uncle John titles are topically themed, though, devoting entire books to trivia on weather, history, and numbers. This book's topical matter ranges widely, including everything from Latin quizzes to short works by Mark Twain. Most suitable for larger public libraries seeking good additions to their humor collections; not recommended for young adult collections, as it contains adult material.-Audrey Snowden, student, GSLIS, Simmons Coll., Boston Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information.

Readers' Reviews

W. C. Privy's Original Bathroom Companion

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